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The Overview

With its DIY appeal, the fitness and wellness space has taken on a whole new level of popularity in today’s social-sphere, making it increasingly harder to stand out as an athlete. Natalie Uhling’s talent, drive, and commitment to running her business NUFit prove that she is a leader in this rapidly changing landscape. Our responsibilities vary with Natalie pushing us to experiment with each project. Experience is key with a client like her, being able to make on the fly creative decisions, pivoting when an idea isn’t working, all while keeping a strict budget in mind is vital to the success of each assignment.

01. Video

Assignment: Welcome to my Youtube channel

Getting your youtube page off the ground can be intimidating. Here Natalie wanted to make a great first impression when you visited her channel. After a little location scouting and some storyboarding, we created this piece to get things started right!

02. Video

Assignment: “How to” series

The audience wants to know! When you’re a leader in your field your core followers are anxious to learn how you make it look so easy. Here Natalie wanted our team’s help her execute a series of “How To” videos that directly connected her with her audience.

03. Video

Assignment: Commercial Collaboration

Here we produced another series, this time Natalie partnered with one of her favorite brands Chameleon Cold Brew and as a team, we produced exclusive content

04. Video

Assignment: Youtube Covers

When attempting to elevate your youtube channel custom thumbnails are a must. These simple but cohesive cover images tied the campaign together resulting in a very well executed look and feel.

05. Video

Assignment: Commercial Collaboration

Curated by our go to photographer Chelsea Chorpenning, these photos were the perfect pairing to help promote Natalie’s collaboration and create a serious interest that couldn’t be created with video alone.

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