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Engage your Fans

Music videos increase your visibility as an artist, by creating multiple opportunities for exposure, increasing your outreach and your impact. Video content has become an essential part of branding and exposure, and video quality is a crucial component of creating desired impact. Quality music videos that don’t drain your pockets are in reach with our music video production services, as we maximize the dollars spent every step of the way.  


Engage Audience

Video creates a direct impact on consumers, and with quality video production, that impact is capable of driving engagement with your content and your brand. The more opportunities you create for your audience to engage with your content, the more exposure you will get. 


Grow Your Following

Video production allows for your music to become visible, taking imagination and morphing it into moving images with the ability to create deeper connections with your intended consumers. As visibility grows, so does interest, which allows you to continuously engage people with artistic expression.

Build a Partnership

We work with you every step of the way, staying on the same sheet of music is a crucial part of the process. We view the relationships we create with our clients as partnerships, as we work together to develop truly impactful video, with our clients’ beliefs, values, and dreams at the forefront of what we can accomplish together. 

type of music videos we do

We have a team of creative directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, designers, video editors, photographers, animators, story-tellers, and curators.

Music Video

Highlight your track with creative storytelling and visuals.


Live Music Video

Relive the epic and creative moments of live performance.

Event Recap

A visual recap of the most engaging moments of a concert event.

Featured Music Video work

Music Video

Zion I

We partnered with Zion I to develop a music video that focused on highlighting his smooth and finely tuned musical ability. All we needed was a concept and a camera as inspiration to kick off our video production, and we struck gold with an aesthetic seaside scene, punctuated by moody visuals and creative lyricism. 

Event Recap Video

Louis Futon

Louis Futon has an indescribable energy that he brings to the stage, and the music he plays backs it up. We were tasked with creating a recap video that maintained the same amount of poise and energy that he radiates when he is performing. We wanted to create a video where the people that attended could relive the best moments, and to get the people that missed out excited about being at the next possible show. 

Live Music Video

Rufus Du Sol Ft. Dena Amy

It’s incredibly easy to record amazing footage when the artists we are filming radiate passion for their music and their performance. This is true of Dena Amy, and the performance that we captured for her, which included her special appearance on the track “Hypnotized”. Her talent is undeniable, and our video production crew benefited from the incredible performance that she put forth, the rest was up to us to edit and polish, and to quickly produce a visually stunning piece. 

How Does LWR Create a Concept for Music Videos?

Our process will engage your audience and keep them engaged, from goal setting, research and scripting, to production, post production, and goal analysis, our approach is a determining factor in the success of our clients and their projects. Video production for live events requires many moving parts, our crews included, which is why we take a strategic approach to plan for each unique event. These factors must be addressed in order to capture every incredible and memorable moment.  

How Much Do Music Videos Cost?

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when discussing the price of producing a high quality event video. We need to answer the questions:

●  What is the purpose of your video?

●  What is the appropriate length for your video?

●  Are there multiple filming locations?

●  Does your video require any script-building?

●  Does your project require motion graphics?

These questions highlight the importance of setting up a strong foundation for your project, to ensure that the cost of your video is in alignment with your project goals. Pricing for every project is reflective of the size of the project, and the information gathered from the questions above.  



How Long Does It Take to Create a Music Video?

The scope of any project is the determining by a deep dive discovery we do for every video.  From discovery to production to editing, we have a typical turnaround of 4-12 weeks.   

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Denver's premiere video production company.

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