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Capturing the unscripted and unique moments of your event in real time is essential for helping people relive the once in a lifetime experience.

Easily promote your next event. Highlight the best attributes that your event has to offer. Keep people talking about your events. And showcase your brand while attracting new consumers with Lightworkers Republic’s event video production services.


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Our Video Process for Events

Our process enables us to discover the customer journey for your audience, learn about their interests, desires, what they dislike seeing, and ultimately, what drives them to go to your event.

Define Goals And

We work with you on specific & achievable video goals. This makes gauging success easy & offers us clear direction for the project.

Market Research

Good research is crucial to any video project. We use your existing brand strategy with our evaluation and create a video strategy.

Video Strategy

Together we create a core message to drive action in the direction of your objectives. Using our imagination we develop the story.


Together we create a core message to drive action in the direction of your objectives. Using our imagination we develop the story.

Event Video Production

Look no further, we will handle all of your video needs.


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Successful video content for advertising and marketing is strategy. We figure out what you want to achieve and how we can get you there.


Creating engaging videos starts with our creative team. They know market trends that keep you relevant and watchable.


Our production team provides all the video services needed to create anything from
TV ads, to social media ads, to explainer animations.


From the start we have your video strategy in mind, so when its time to distribute & market your video, it gets the results you want.

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What are event videos?

Event videos help illuminate your brand by showcasing the hard work that goes into planning, producing, and running live events. Event video focuses on preserving everything that makes your event memorable, allowing you to achieve multiple goals at once:

  • Build hype with promotional videos.
  • Maintain hype with our live video production service.
  • Leave a lasting impression on attendees with high-quality video and impactful editing.

We strive to help you boost the attendance of your event, especially if it is an event that comes up year after year, we seek to spread the good word by showcasing the unique experiences that your event has to offer. As the lights fade out, and your event slips into the past, hold tight to the amazing memories that were created with our video production services.

How do event videos help my business?

Capturing the unscripted and unique moments of your event in real time is essential for helping people relive their once in a lifetime experiences. We’ll be there to capture and curate the unique attributes of your event, leading to multiple benefits:

  • Easily promote your next event.
  • Highlight the best attributes that your event has to offer.
  • Keep people talking about your past events.
  • Showcase your brand while attracting new consumers.

When and how should I use event video content?

It is easier now, more than ever, to spread the word about your business or company through video sharing, making an event video the best way to promote your brand either before, during, or after the event has taken place. The build up is just as important as the break down, as event videos highlight key moments before they even happen, and with anticipation built up in the minds of the people, the possibilities will seem endless. 

Who uses event videos?

There are a variety of events out there just waiting to be captured, and we are not intimidated by the scope of any project. Whether you are planning a function based around a concert, festival, business gathering, presentation, the arts, or any other unique event, consider the valuable connections an event video will create for your target audience. These attractions highlight our experience producing video for some truly awe-inspiring live events. Providing services for festivals like the Underground Music Showcase and The Big Wonderful, concerts featuring artists Louis Futon, and Dena Amy, and businesses like the Barton Institute at Denver University have been rewarding experiences. Here are some examples of events that would make for great videos:

  • Markets and Fairs
  • Unique Events (i.e. Scavenger Hunts)
  • Craft Beer 
  • Arts and Dance 

Your vision is essential to forming a cohesive plan. We have a dedicated team of dreamers, visionaries, creators, and curators, at your disposal. Inspired by your goals, we seek to cultivate your ambition to produce incredible content that won’t easily be disregarded or left behind.  

Why are event videos so effective?

Event videos are effective due to their distinct ability to keep the past in tact, to keep the spotlight on you and your event long after the lights have faded. Your audience only needs to imagine the future, as it is up to us to document all the happenings. Look no further for editing and post production work for your event filming, we handle all of that in-house as we strive to set you up with the complete video production experience. We curate the things that you love, it’s a way to show utmost appreciation for what you are capable of accomplishing.   

How does Lightworkers Republic create a video concept?

Our process will engage your audience and keep them engaged, from goal setting, research and scripting, to production, post production, and goal analysis, our approach is a determining factor in the success of our clients and their projects. Video production for live events requires many moving parts, our crews included, which is why we take a strategic approach to plan for each unique event. These factors must be addressed in order to capture every incredible and memorable moment. 

How much does event video production cost?

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when discussing the price of producing a high quality event video. We need to answer the questions: 

●  What is the purpose of your video?

●  What is the appropriate length for your video?

●  Are there multiple filming locations?

●  Does your video require any script-building?

●  Does your project require motion graphics?

These questions highlight the importance of setting up a strong foundation for your project, to ensure that the cost of your video is in alignment with your project goals. Pricing for every project is reflective of the size of the project, and the information gathered from the questions above.  In general our budgets for event videos cost between 2k to 5k.

How long does it take to create an event video?

The size of any project is the determining factor for how long it can take to produce an event video. We have a typical turnaround of 1 day to 6 weeks after we have captured and pieced together all the happenings of your event.  1 day turn arounds are generally for multi-day events that need promotional material.

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Rachel Anderson

Marketing Specialist, Lyft

“Lightworkers Republic is my go-to video shop. They’ve produced a number of different pieces for me over the last couple of years and I am always impressed by the quality of work as well as their flexibility. Couldn’t recommend them enough!”

Kerry Boyte

COO, Defiant Inc

“Andrew and his team put together an amazing culture video for our company. I have had many potential candidates mention to me that they applied for a job role after seeing the video on our career page. Lightworkers Republic does great work!”

Jayme Ward

Executive Director, Far Away Friends

“The Lightworkers Republic team is AMAZING! They actually care about their clients on a genuine level and are highly committed to seeing your vision come to life.There is nothing I didn’t LOVE about working with LWR!”

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