3 Video Content Ideas to Help Cannabis Brands Engage Customers while Social Distancing

Learn how to create great video content on your own

I am sharing three cool video content ideas that you can do on your own. This won’t only help you engage and convert more people but enable you to build a long-term relationship with your customers.

We are living in unprecedented times. So are customers.

As the global pandemic is staying put, people living in self-isolation are experiencing loneliness, stress, depression, and anxiety. More importantly, relief from this unfortunate situation still isn’t in sight. But why are we telling you this?

Because, historically, cannabis brands are used to relying on face to face marketing.  Such as bud tenders talking up your product in stores. The cynicism and judgment that surrounds face to face contact has made businesses take a more cautious approach that doesn’t step on any toes.

That being said, when you have a product that’s scientifically backed for treating symptoms of depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders; it’s time to stop holding back. Especially, in these times. Apart from that, given how far online marketing has come, you can target your ads to a highly curated audience who actually wants to see those ads.

Here are three cool video content ideas that you can do on your own.

1. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

One of the biggest challenges for your potential customers is uncertainty. They have doubts and suspicions whether they’d be able to get your product and at what terms. Identify what questions and concerns you and your staff have been receiving frequently in recent times. Make a quick videos answering those questions.

This won’t only generate engagement but add value for your existing as well as potential customers. Moreover, it will be a demonstration of high quality service that your brand is all about. 

2. Do a Little Research & Make an Educational Video

In the last few years, medical science has unearthed substantial evidence about cannabinoids being an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, and sleeping disorders.

You can use that information to create brief videos explaining all the tangible benefits people can have. Add personal humor and sarcasm to keep it entertaining rather than making it sound preachy. You know:

Sorry for my bluntness but that’s just how I roll.

3. Tell Your Own Story

If there is a brand story that people are really interested in, it’s how you turned selling cannabis into a legit business. All the prejudice and myths that surround marijuana, you can use it to your advantage to tell your story. Explain in detail how you started out, the challenges you faced, and how you conquered them all to be on the top of your game today.

Introduce your colleagues and team members to make it more personable and give them some air time to shine. You just need a good enough iPhone, some basic editing, and you’re good to go.

Get Our Help

At Lightworkers Republic, we are a team of experienced and highly talented content creators.  We know how to weave magic with the help of creative storytelling and aesthetically pleasing video content.

If you aren’t sure about creating video content yourself or want to level up your current video content, we are open for business. We understand that social distancing has made in person meetings a challenge, but our team can execute these ideas without ever meeting you in person. We’ve done this for many cannabis brands, the next could be yours!


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