About Us

Lightworkers, in the beginning, was just a seedling of an idea planted in the back of our minds. With a dose of light, our video production services sprouted and grew, thus forming a core group of passionate creatives ready to welcome other creators, doers, and storytellers into the fold. The momentum was infectious; the republic was born. We continuously invite artists, filmmakers, animators, and writers into our world to deliver the most unique and all encompassing video production service within the Denver metro area.

Lightworkers began its voyage within the Denver Creative Community in 2015. Finding our groove, lighting our way, and forging ahead, we have evolved into a full service video production company highlighted by the collaborative efforts we’ve accomplished with some of the largest names in industry including, yet not limited to: The Chainsmokers, Lyft,, The Big Wonderful, Lululemon, and Dena Amy.

Who We Serve

We capture memorable moments for businesses, festivals, marketers, music industry players, and influencers. We are inspired by the variety, especially when it’s possible to produce engaging video for a major music industry player like, then turn around and do the same for a rideshare company like Lyft. The moments we’ve captured aim to serve a rapidly changing list of clientele, yet the focus has always remained the same. Lightworkers is founded on building up and nurturing the relationship between us, our clientele, and their consumers. This approach allows us to keep our mission, and our client’s vision, at the forefront. Our approach philosophically aligns with the companies that we collaborate with, as we seek to connect ideas and values that ignite our passion with like-minded brands.

The Republic

The creative game can be a mad-house, with freelancers cutting their teeth on their own projects with little awareness for the collaborative possibilities around them. As a Republic, Lightworkers set out to change that model, to build a team of creatives with a fresh direction and an open-minded approach to video production. This opened up the possibility for us to compete together, not for the next job, but for the desire to be the most engaged and creative video production crew imaginable. We invite our team members to work on projects they are passionate about and inherently connected to. We’ve found that the creatives we work with through this approach are more naturally collaborative, and ultimately, more productive.

Our mission

Lightworkers Republic is a visionary company that supports businesses, influencers, and creators in capturing and curating moments through video production. 


Our essence

At our core, Lightworkers Republic operates on creativity, humanity, collaboration, and passion.


Our promise

We produce and deliver engaging experiences for our clients that create authentic and personal connections. 


Our vibe

Lightworkers Republic represents a collective of dreamers, doers, and makers, coming together to create magic and beauty.




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Denver's premiere video production company.

Denver's premiere video production company.

©2020 Lightworkers Republic, LLC. All Rights Reserved.