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Denver’s premier video production company since 2015.  We’ve created video content for Fortune 500 companies, including Re/Max, Lyft, and UPS to name a few. Our clients trust that our expertise can get them the results they want and deserve.

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What We Can Create For You

Below you’ll find a small sampling of the videos that we have produced. Feel free to click through them, and let us know if you have any specific video related questions.

5 Reasons Why Lightworkers Republic is The Best Choice For Your Video Content Needs

1. Complete Satisfaction

Your finished product should leave you with the feeling of complete satisfaction. Our goal is to meet and ultimately exceed your expectations when it comes to your video. The videos that we produce showcase our clients’ unique attributes, and we are at our best when our clients walk away with a video that they are proud to share and promote..


2. Built On Success

We’ve poured a lot of hard work and determination into our foundation. Since 2015 we are responsible for creating a wide variety of videos worldwide. Every step along the way we have built on our clients’ success as we piece together truly impactful video. Our clients are major players in various industries including Lyft, Lululemon, Re/Max, and UPS.


3. You Call It; We Can Do It

Our services don’t lack depth. There’s a strong chance that our video production teams are capable of helping you piece together whatever you may need. Our services range from 2D animation to motion graphics, to various types of video production including event, commercial, corporate, documentary, influencer, interview, explainer, and more.

4. Complete and Committed Teams

Our teams don’t know when to quit. Our proven professionals range from script writers, creative directors, cinematographers, illustrators, motion graphic artists, animators, voiceover artists, to sound engineers. Our project managers ensures that each team members’ strengths are utilized throughout the creation of your video.


5. We Create Partnerships

We develop and produce meaningful content through our client-first partnerships. We work with you every step of the way to fully realize your vision. Our video expertise will help you attract customers to your brand and convert consumer interest to business.

Whatever Video Style, We Have You Covered

Don’t fret if you are struggling to decide on a video style that will suit your needs. Our expert video production team can help by making recommendations. We can even blend styles together when needed!

Event Videos

We capture your event to build hype, promote upcoming events, and relive all the action.

Animated Videos

Connect to consumers with stylized content to explain complex topics.

Influencer Videos

Deliver powerful visual content to engage and maintain followers.

Music Videos

We work with artists to produce compelling videos for your fans by showcasing your talents in creative ways.

Commercial Ads

Inform audiences and build awareness with impactful video marketing.

Educational Videos

Share knowledge and promote your ideas with visual insight and clarity.


Build brand recognition and maintain followers with engaging interview videos.

Documentary Video

Deliver in-depth knowledge with visual clarity on a specific topic.

Streamlined Production Process

A typical production time frame is about 2 to 6 weeks. Looking for something on the double? Let us know if our priority rush service is of interest to you.

Step 01: Discovery

We learn about your goals and ambitions via a questionnaire, which allows us to procure all brand assets required for your video. This also allows us to introduce you to your project manager, capture the entire project scope, define measurable objectives, and finalize an overview for project delivery.


Step 02: Scripting & Storyboarding

Our writers begin by weaving together initial ideas into a rough script. Once their vision is approved, we create a storyboard that shows you how the video will be mapped out. This visual foundation allows for easier understanding of how your video will be pieced together.

Step 03: Production

We take into consideration every factor and aspect of live action video. With everything accounted for, our production team will shoot either on location or in our studio. We take care to set up lighting, audio, cameras, and support equipment necessary for every individual shoot.


Step 04: Post-Production

This is the final stage where we edit or animate your video. Where necessary, we add music, sound effects, voice-overs, transitions, and motion graphics. We color correct as a finishing touch within our post-production process. Your video isn’t complete until you’re 100% satisfied.  

What Our Clients Say

Lightworkers Republic is my go-to video shop. They’ve produced a number of different pieces for me over the last couple of years and I am always impressed by the quality of work as well as their flexibility. Andrew in particular is wonderful to work with – he’s always fast to respond and I feel like with minimal direction his team can turn a product that’s even better than I’d imagined. It’s always a relief to work with Lightworkers as I know my projects will be in good hands. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Rachel Anderson Lyft
Rachel Anderson

My experience with Lightworkers has been exemplary. These guys are absolutely great to have on a team. They are dedicated to accomplishing my goals, in my experience, rather than just doing a job.

Eean Ovens Denver Marketing Firm
Eean Ovens

Our company hired Lightworkers Republic to produce a crowd funding video. We had an incredible experience working with the team at Lightworkers Republic. There combination of creativity and professionalism led to creation of a top tier product that we were proud to have as a representation of our brand. We would highly recommend hiring Lightworkers for the creation of any type of video-related media.

Sam Peterson The Invictus Institute
Sam Peterson

Sean and the team at Lightworkers Republic are fantastic. They are consummate professionals who pay attention to every detail. Their expertise and ability to execute are unmatched. The extremely high quality of their work and the amount of creativity displayed, is only surpassed by their very reasonable and competitive prices.

I would highly recommend Lightworkers Republic to anybody who needs the job done right the first time. I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again on one of our next projects.

Joshua Mann 
Joshua Mann

I so appreciated that the team at LWR involved my organization in every step of the creative process during the production of our video. They were able to use our vision to create a piece of art that tells our story better than we could have alone!

Jayme Ward Far Away Friends
Jayme Ward

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