There will be 1.8 billion images uploaded today. Emerge from the sea of similarity, let us help you stand out.


Fun, Experience, & Share

Visuals get 94% more views than text-based information. If you want to remember an event or recap for promotional material, our photography team will tailor a shoot specifically to what you need. With our experienced team, your photos will attract new eyes and reinforce old ones in your message and purpose. The old saying a picture is worth 1,000 words is outdated. Photos are worth at least 1,001 words now.


Travel, Share, & Learn

An extension of photojournalism, documentary photography is capturing moments of significant importance. The story you want to tell needs a team that realizes that you only have one chance at capturing it, and our team of photographers will hike mountains, travel the world, experience new cultures, foods, will immerse themselves to leave you assured that each moment will be remembered forever. One of our recent travels included a trip to Uganda with two nonprofits, Far Away Friends and Schools For Girls. With the vision of capturing children’s need for a quality education, we got to experience life in a small village, we learned villagers, teachers, and children’s names and still communicate with them to this day. We put love and passion into our craft to make sure every moment is beautiful.


Create, Share, & Grow

No one person is the same. So why would a company have one photographer, with 1-2 styles to offer? WE DON’T! Understanding your style and goals will help us build the proper team of creatives that will exceed your expectations. Priding ourselves with an arsenal of photographers spanning different areas of focus and experience, we have the team to get beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime.


Watch, Highlight, & Share

Sharing what you’re passionate about is why we do what we do. Our passion is helping to get your passions seen and felt in ways people have never seen before. Promotional and content videos share what you’re all about to millions of people waiting to hear about YOU. According to Hubspot, 4x customers would rather watch a video about a product or service than reading about it. Video is the perfect way to highlight what you can do, and LWR has the expertise and resources to develop those stories to make every second worth a replay.


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