The Republic

Individuals dedicated to passion and empowering others in their endeavors.

Creators, Makers, Designers, Doers

Lightworker’s Republic is a brand made of people. A network of creative individuals, ready to team up and inspire, is one of our best assets. The Republic gathers its roster from local talent in videographers, editors, photographers, designers, and animators. This allows our clients to tap into our Republic as a resource to create perfect projects without having to stress about getting the perfect players. In addition, Lightworker’s Republic offers space for shooting and inventing.

Through the Republic, our roster is empowered by collaboration. When we are able to harness each other’s talents, our system-based model becomes powered by human experiences. We tap into the inspiration that is contagious.


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Motion Graphics
  • Zion I
  • The Big Wonderful
  • Dena Amy
  • 10.10.10
  • Donnie Parker
  • How Can I Serve
  • Natalie Uhling
  • Coming Soon - Jake Schneider
  • Duke Beardsley
  • COMING SOON - RePurpose Bowties
  • MVMT
  • Hiero Day
  • Coming Soon - Underground Music Showcase
  • Coming Soon - Annex Clothing
  • Coming Soon - Keri Glassman
  • Coming Soon - Monterey Cannabis Co.

Let's create something awesome together!

Light•work•ers (lit•wurk'.ers) noun. any being dedicated to making a difference in the world through the cultivation of inner presence and the elevation of awareness in self and other selves.
Re•pub•lic (ri•pub'.lik) noun.  powerful body of people that make up a group of individuals.

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